Food for Thought: The declines in low-cost rental units

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1. The declines in low-cost rental units:
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2. Cost-burdened renters:
Source: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, {ht} HighTower Advisors, RCG Economics   Read full article  
3. The first decade without a recession:
Source: Deutsche Bank Research  
4. Online search activity for flu symptoms in the US:
Source: Arbor Research & Trading  
5. Death rates from energy production, by fuel type:
Source: Our World in Data   Read full article  
6. Victims of elder abuse:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
7. Migrant apprehensions by Mexico and the US:
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8. Wage growth for African Americans:
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9. Antisemitic incidents in the UK:
Source: Statista  
10. Who wants to postpone the 2020 Olympics?
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