Food for Thought: The size of Western European armies

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1. The size of Western European armies:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
2. Homeownership by generation:
Source: Apartment List   Read full article  
3. Access to a home computer:
Source: Pew Research Center   Read full article  
4. The US workforce in 1920 and 2019:
Source: @BW   Read full article  
5. A poll on Democratic VP performance in the general election:
Source: Echelon Insights  
6. COVID-19 infections and deaths vs. the temperature zone (hinting at seasonality):
Source: Alpine Macro   Read full article  
7. The number of infections and deaths relative to each country’s population:
Source: Commerzbank Research  
8. Physical activity in the US:
Source: CNBC   Read full article  
9. Protests around the world:
Source: Quartz   Read full article  
10. Best picture vs. the top-grossing movie that year:
Source: Statista