Food for Thought: Self-storage occupancy rates

1. Self-storage occupancy rates:
Source: Moody’s Analytics  
2. Student housing rent growth:
Source: Moody’s Analytics  
3. Shopping outlet activity in the US and Europe:
Source: Deutsche Bank Research  
4. Small business concerns:
Source: Alignable  
5. Deaths at long-term care facilities:
Source: Mekko Graphics   Read full article  
6. The latest COVID-19 map:
Source: @axios   Read full article  
7. A long way from herd immunity:
Source: Statista  
8. Changes in cable news viewership:
Source: @business   Read full article  
9. Presidential job approval ratings:
Source: Statista  
10. Pet care stocks:
Source: @LizAnnSonders, @bcaresearch  


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