Food for Thought: Prioritizing climate change

1. Prioritizing climate change:
Source: McKinsey Insights   Read full article  
2. Bipartisan support for the stimulus bills sent the Philly Fed’s congressional partisan conflict index to a new low.
Source: ANZ Research  
3. The percentage of police officers who live in the city where they work:
Source: FiveThirtyEight   Read full article  
4. Views on police violence against the public:
Source: The Associated Press and NORC   Read full article  
5. The slump in the number of active businesses:
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6. The three waves of the Spanish Flu.
Source: BCA Research  
7. New daily COVID-19 cases by state:
Source: Visual Capitalist   Read full article  
8. Fraudulent US registrations of Chinese medical device suppliers:
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9. Malnourished people worldwide:
Source: Statista  
10. Most widely spoken languages in the world:
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