Food for Thought: Global travel restrictions

1. Global travel restrictions:
Source: Center for Data Innovation   Read full article  
2. Cities with the worst traffic congestion:
Source: @wef   Read full article  
3. College majors with the highest current unemployment rates:
Source: Statista  
4. The environmental cost of different protein sources:
Source: chartr  
5. The Philadelphia Fed Partisan Conflict Index:
Source: BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research  
6. Online grocery shopping:
Source: @financialtimes   Read full article  
7. US bank branch openings/closings:
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence  
8. Handbag sourcing:
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence  
9. Ice cream brand preferences:
Source: @CivicScience, @benandjerrys   Read full article  


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