Food for Thought: US coin production

1. US coin production:
Source: Statista  
2. Antibiotic resistance timeline:
Source: Incisive Health   Read full article  
3. Potential sources of novel infectious diseases:
Source: @adam_tooze, @lesliehook   Read full article  
4. The risk of homelessness among US veterans:
Source: APA   
5. Atlantic storms (new record):
Source: @bbgvisualdata   Read full article  
6. Switches in the US legislative chamber:
Source: Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas  
7. 2020 vs. 2016 voting in majority-white counties:
Source: @bbgvisualdata   Read full article  
8. Most popular apps in the US:
Source: Statista  
9. Top US online retailers:
Source: Visual Capitalist   Read full article  
10. The relative size of particles:
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We would like to thank US veterans for their service.