Food for Thought: Cigarette smuggling vs. cigarette excise tax rates

1. Cigarette smuggling vs. cigarette excise tax rates:
Source: Tax Foundation  
2. US tax revenues as a share of the GDP:
Source: @RichardRubinDC  
3. Electric vehicle companies’ market value and valuations:
Source: @business, Craig Trudell    Read full article  
4. Working longer hours from home:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
5. Democratic vote share vs. population density:
Source: QZ   Read full article  
6. Greenhouse gas emissions by sector:
Source: Our World In Data   Read full article  
7. “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.
Source: @chartrdaily  
8. Wrapping presents:
Source: @YouGovAmerica   Read full article  
9. Opening presents:
Source: @YouGovAmerica  
10. The worst Christmas presents:
Source: Deutsche Bank Research  


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