Food for Thought: US clothing retailers’ sales relative to 2019

1. Large US clothing retailers’ sales relative to 2019:
Source: @BloombergQuint   Read full article  
2. US car reliability scores:
Source: Statista  
3. More money …
Source: @MorningConsult, @politico   Read full article  
4. Watching sports less frequently:
Source: @AlexMSilverman, @MorningConsult   Read full article  
5. Cancelling travel plans:
Source: @CivicScience, @CDCgov  
6. Coronavirus conspiracy theories:
Source: UCMC  
7. US combat aircraft maintenance costs:
Source: Statista  
8. Trends in forested areas around the world:
Source: @chartrdaily  
9. Christmas cookies:
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10. The elf workshop productivity index:
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