Food for Thought: Zoom users

1. Zoom users:
Source: Jack Ablin, Cresset Wealth Advisors  
2. Temporary internet or social media blockages:
Source: @axios   Read full article  
3. Technology spinoffs from Mars missions:
Source: NASA/JPL   Read full article  
4. Most innovative economies:
Source: @business   Read full article  
5. US presidents’ religious affiliation:
Source: Pew Research Center   Read full article  
6. US federal government’s non-discretionary spending:
Source: BCA Research  
7. Changes in unauthorized immigrant population by origin:
Source: @Noahpinion, @bopinion   Read full article  
8. More Americans are ready to fly:
Source: CivicScience   Read full article  
9. Online search activity for EVs and hybrids in the US:
Source: Arbor Research & Trading  
10. Wallet sales worldwide:
Source: @financialtimes   Read full article  


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