Food for Thought: Eviction rates

1. Eviction rates and eviction filing rates (the big circle is PA):
Source: Princeton University‚Äôs Eviction Lab  
2. EV prices:
Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management  
3. Fast food franchise costs:
Source: The Hustle; h/t JJ   Read full article  
4. The Eurovision Song Contest:
Source: Statista  
5. Americans’ interest in watching Olympic sports:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
6. Greenhouse gas emissions from online retail:
Source: eCommerce DB   Read full article  
7. Average age of US infrastructure:
Source: polici   Read full article  
8. Comfort with public activities:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
9. Vaccine hesitancy globally:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
10. Vaccine misinformation:
Source: @axios   Read full article  
11. Wine consumption by age in France:
Source: @wineecon