Food for Thought: US car models worst hit by chip shortages

1. US car models worst hit by chip shortages:
Source: Statista  
2. US consumer sentiment vs. gas prices:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
3. Household wealth by generation:
Source: @chartrdaily  
4. The most expensive toll roads:
Source: Statista  
5. Pandemic-related productivity acceleration potential:
Source: McKinsey Global Institute, h/t Garrett Roche   Read full article  
6. Views on the lab-leak theory:
Source: @YouGovAmerica   Read full article  
7. COVID deaths vs. obesity rates:
Source: The New York Times   Read full article  
8. US migrants who are not from Mexico or the Northern Triangle:
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9. Remembering D-Day:
Departure points:
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Taking territory:
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D-Day data:
Source: D-Day OverlordĀ    Read full article  


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