Food for Thought: Business investment over time

1. Business investment over time:
Source: The Daily Feather  
2. Business owners looking to retire:
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3. Lower-priced homes are assessed at a higher value relative to the actual sales price.
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4. The manufacturing sector’s outsize impact:
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5. Most unbanked countries:
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6. The NBA Top Shot market value:
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7. The decline of New York City’s yellow cab:
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8. Projected US federal debt-to-GDP ratio:
Source: Morgan Stanley Research  
9. US incomes vs. rent:
Source: Mortgage Bankers Association  
10. Retirement costs:
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11. Adoptions and assisted reproduction:
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12. Global population projections:
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13. Share of the population across US regions:
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14. Growth in student debt by age:
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15. Capital cities’ share of countries’ GDP:
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16. Participants in this experiment were asked to smell a substance (cinnamon), and half were randomly told the substance was designed to enhance creativity.
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