Food for Thought: CEO-to-worker pay ratio by industry

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1. CEO-to-worker pay ratio by industry:
Source: Statista  
2. Employees’ hopes and fears:
Source: McKinsey   Read full article  
3. Searches for jobs at companies after wage hike announcements:
Source: @nick_bunker, @indeed   Read full article  
4. Sales jobs listings:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
5. Slow return to the office in NYC:
Source: Bloomberg   Read full article  
6. Labor-force participation among women in advanced economies:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
7. Chip shortage impact on US autos:
Source: Visual Capitalist   Read full article  
8. Support for same-sex marriage:
Source: Gallup   Read full article  
9. US political polarization:
Source: FiveThirtyEight   Read full article  
10. Chicken sandwiches:
Source: @AdamSinger  


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