Food for Thought: Job happiness by age

1. Job happiness by age:
Source: @CivicScience  
2. Access to paid sick days by wage group:
Source: EPI  
3. US labor force participation recovery by age group:
Source: @TheTerminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.   Read full article  
4. Support for gunshot detection technology:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
5. Facebook as a news source:
Source: Statista  
6. Share of AI patents:
Source: OECD   Read full article  
7. US views on tax increases:
Source: BCA Research  
8. Sources of methane emissions:
Source: Bloomberg   Read full article  
9. US population growth over the past decade (by race/ethnicity):
Source: Pew Research Center   Read full article  
10. Market value of edible insects:
Source: Statista  


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