Food for Thought: US employment recovery vs. previous economic downturns

1. US employment recovery vs. previous economic downturns:
Source: @laurenlbauer  
2. Number of Americans on disability insurance:
Source: Deutsche Bank Research  
3. Enterprise IT budgets:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
4. Global investors’ prioritization of sustainability issues:
Source: FTSE Russell   Read full article  
5. Market size for clean energy technologies:
Source: EIA  
6. Driving distance to obtain an abortion:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
7. Starbucks foot traffic in city centers:
Source: Earnest Research  
8. US meat prices:
Source: @business   Read full article  
9. Increased CFO oversight:
Source: McKinsey   Read full article  
10. James Bond movies:
Source: @chartrdaily  


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