Food for Thought: Electric vehicles per charging station

1. Electric vehicles per charging station:
Source: Statista  
2. Increasing concentration in the semiconductor industry:
Source: McKinsey   Read full article  
3. Racial and ethnic makeup of US public school teachers and students:
Source: Pew Research Center   Read full article  
4. Parents’ marital status and children’s progress at different stages:
Source: Brookings  
6. Homelessness in Finland:
Source: OECD   Read full article  
7. US-German relations:
Source: Statista  
8. Changes in US labor force participation:
Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics  
9. Living with COVID (from “pandemic” to “endemic”):
h/t @Peter_Atwater, Google Trends  
10. Cats’ friendliness ratings by color:
Source: @WaltHickey, @_cingraham   Read full article  


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