Food for Thought: Valentine’s Day inflation index

1. Valentine’s Day inflation index:
Source: LPL Research  
2. Reconsidering a home renovation project due to higher costs:
Source: Todd Tomalak  
3. Portfolio allocations of the top 1% vs. the bottom 50%:
Source: Goldman Sachs; @MikeZaccardi  
4. EV sales (updated):
Source: @fbirol   Read full article  
5. Personal income driving spending and GDP growth:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
6. Tennis prize money:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
7. Kids falling behind in terms of their education:
Source: @CivicScience  
8. Vaccinating children against COVID:
Source: KFF   Read full article  
9. The number of Super Bowl wins since 1967 (by NFL team):
Source: Statista