Food for Thought: In-person religious services

1. In-person religious services:
Source: Pew Research Center   Read full article  
2. US labor force participation rates:
Source: Wells Fargo Securities  
3. Private vehicle charging vs. fuel costs in the UK:
Source: @resfoundation  
4. Antarctic sea ice:
Source: @ZLabe, @NSIDC  
5. HIV deaths over time:
Source: Our World in Data   Read full article  
6. Sanctions and de-globalization:
Source: Goldman Sachs  
7. Global airlines avoiding Russian airspace:
Source: @BBGVisualData   Read full article  
8. China becoming Russia’s largest trade partner:
Source: Statista  
9. The world’s monarchies:
Source: Statista  
10. The Godfather – Academy Awards and strong box office performance:
Source: Reuters Graphics   Read full article  


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