Food for Thought: iPhone prices

1. iPhone prices:
Source: Statista  
2. Access to broadband by household income:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
3. Data recovery after ransomware attacks:
Source: @acemaxx, @csresearch  
4. Disney and Netflix subscribers:
Source: @chartrdaily  
5. Tech workers ditching the office even before COVID:
Source: @TheEconomist   Read full article  
6. Changes in hours worked vs. productivity by country:
Source: @WSJ   Read full article  
7. Most desired aspects of a new job:
Source: @LizAnnSonders, @Conferenceboard  
8. Where do you purchase your prescription drugs?
Source: @CivicScience  
9. US mall visits compared to 2019:
10. Cocaine prices by country:
Source: Statista  


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