Food for Thought: What would it take to join the 1%?

1. What would it take to join the 1%?
Source: Statista  
2. Reasons for saving money:
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3. Americans prioritizing economic growth compared to the unemployment rate:
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4. Splurging after the pandemic:
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5. Ramadan Mubarak. Ramadan 2021 fasting hours:
Source: Al Jazeera   Read full article  
6. Concerns about US stimulus:
Source: Echelon Insights  
7. US incarcerations:
Source: Vera Institute of Justice   Read full article  
8. Economies with fewer than five new COVID cases per million people over the past month:
Source: Oxford Economics  
9. Top 200 shot locations in the NBA:
Source: @kirkgoldsberry  


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