Food for Thought: US box-office sales

1. US box-office sales:
Source: Moody’s Analytics  
2. Traditional media is under pressure:
Source: @chartrdaily  
3. Online search activity for consumer items and services:
Source: Arbor Research & Trading  
4. Unemployment insurance (excl. the $600 boost) vs. household expenses:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
5. Homicides in US cities:
Source: Statista  
6. Key issues for the US 2020 election:
Source: Morning Consult   Read full article  
7. How much do you have to earn to be rich?
Source: YouGov   Read full article  
8. How heterosexual couples have met:
Source: Rosenfeld, Thomas, Hausen (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)  
9. The share of global GDP since AD 1:
Source: @adam_tooze, @TheEconomist   Read full article