Food for Thought: Households behind on their rent, by state

1. Households behind on their rent, by state:
Source: Moody’s Analytics  
2. Highest-paid public employees:
Source: Deadspin  
3. Children as a percentage of US population:
Source: Child Trends   Read full article  
4. US prison population:
Source: Prison Policy Initiative  
5. Literate and illiterate world population:
Source: Our World in Data¬†   Read full article  
6. Russia vs. Ukraine military imbalance:
Source: Statista  
7. Foreign direct investment in Africa:
Source: China Africa Research Initiative¬†   Read full article  
8. Presidential executive orders:
Source: The Economist   Read full article  
9. Tinder (dating site) profile interests:
Source: @katiehempenius