Food for Thought: US births and deaths

1. US births and deaths:
Source: Yardeni Research  
2. US birth rates by race (Dec 2021 vs. Dec 2020):
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3. Struggling Millennials? It’s a myth.
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4. Divorce rates by income:
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5. Life expectancy, by country:
Source: OECD  
6. Fleeing Afghanistan:
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7. The decay of COVID vaccine efficacy over time (Israel data):
Source: @segal_eran  
8. Perceived health risk from normal activities:
Source: Goldman Sachs; @SamRo  
9. The global impact of climate change:
Source: Statista  
10. Support for secession from the US:
Source: @leedrutman  
11. As seen in a Vegas parking lot:
h/t Carley Garner